Saturday, March 15, 2008

Was it a Demon or Sleep Paralysis

By unusual circumstance I happen to know quite a bit about the Bible and Christianity. When I was sixteen I had an experience that had a profound effect on me for many years. At the time of the experience I was a devout Christian attending Warm Beach Assembly of God church in Stanwood Washington.

Here's what happened. I used to share a bedroom with two of my sisters. One night my eight year old sister Shelley began crying and she told me and my other sister Roxanne that she heard bees. We tried to comfort her. We explained that there were no bees in the house and that bees don't come out at night. She kept crying for a while but soon fell asleep.

Probably less than 15 minutes after that I too heard a loud buzzing noise. I felt like something had griped my body and I was unable to move. I felt an evil presence in the room and I thought that a demon was trying to possess me. I was afraid. I tried to speak out loud and rebuke Satan in the name of Jesus but I was unable to. I begin to pray and rebuke Satan in my mind. Eventually I was able to speak and I began to rebuke Satan out loud. The noise went away and I was able to move again.

The experience terrified me so I decided to turn on the light on and read the Bible for a while. I never did hear the buzzing noise again but each night for months I would sense an evil presence in the room and I would read the Bible and pray to comfort myself. It wasn't long before I had read the whole thing. Eventually I concluded that an evil spirit was trying to harass me but that there was nothing that it could do but frighten me, so I decided to ignore it. After a while the fear went away but the habit of reading the Bible did not. I am not sure how many times I have read the Bible but it is several. Some of its books I have read more than a hundred times.

Some people that I have shared this experience with may have thought I was lying or perhaps mentally ill. Most people don't tell me what they think. However one day I shared this experience with someone and she told me that she had experienced the loud buzzing noise and inability to move repeatedly in childhood and had discovered that it was a condition called sleep paralysis. I have read several web pages on the phenomena and have concluded that what I experienced was in fact sleep paralysis. The only doubt I had regarding this interpretation of what happened was that my sister Shelley also heard the same buzzing noise that night and that was the only time I have ever heard it. So perhaps it was an evil spirit. Or perhaps something we ate that night made us both more susceptible to sleep paralysis.

What do you think?

ADDENDUM March 4, 2011

I have recently read that the vaccine for the H1N1 virus has increased the narcolepsy risk for those aged between 4 and 19 and probably affects those with a genetic predisposition toward narcolepsy. Because of this I now suspect that my sister and I have a genetic predisposition toward sleep paralysis and the simultaneous experience was triggered by a virus.


At 4:44 PM, June 11, 2008, Blogger folgsam said...

Dude, definitly Sleep paralyzes. Have this on a irregular basis myself. At first ist was quite frightening, but now its just annoying. Its even possible to turn it into a quite pleasant journey if you can control it.

The bees? Man, you heard about the bees, it made you somehow uncomfortable, you dreamt about it -> no fucking need for a supernatural experience, ok?

If it happens again, try to control it, its completely harmless, regardless of the feelings you have or the "presence" you may sense.

You have chosen to interpret it as a demonic presence. This will most definitely NOT help you in any way. Its in your brain, and just in your brain and it is very easy to control. Just some weird things your subconciosness is trying to project into you awaken state of mind.

Everything is OK.

At 7:56 PM, June 11, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

folgsam - hit the nail on the head.

Even the bee bit. You had a nightmare and couldn't come out of the sleep state quickly enough.

At 5 I had a nightmare. Got up out of bed, felt my way through the pitch black apartment, banged my leg on my parent's bed - felt my way along to my mom, and tapped her on the arm... then I woke up.

Scary - and I will never forget it, but found out what it was years later. It still happens to me about twice a year, (50 years later). Why do you choose to believe otherwise? Because it makes life interesting, (and makes you self-important - after all - YOU fought Satan and you WON).

Get a good night's sleep... you'll feel better in the morning... if you can get up... (insert sound of creaking door here).
Cheers, MpM

At 4:54 PM, February 28, 2009, Anonymous Scott said...

It was sleep paralysis. Ask your sister if she's had it, that may explain why she heard the noise.


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