Monday, March 17, 2008

Does Jeremiah Wright define Barak Obama?

The person I most admired and wanted to be like when I was growing up was my uncle Roger. My uncle Roger is a Professor of Physics Emeritus at Cal State Fullerton, speaks six or seven languages fluently, spent his life working for peace, and basically lives in a free spirit kind of way. Those are some of the things I admire about him. Uncle Roger is also an atheist and a member of the Communist Party and those aspects of my uncle don’t represent me at all.

Many Americans, my self included, are inspired by the words of Thomas Jefferson. Thomas Jefferson was a slave owner. Does this mean Americans endorse slavery? Of course not.

Why should it matter if Barak Obama’s pastor and mentor, Jeremiah Wright, said something offensive in some of his sermons? Which one of us hasn't said something offensive? Jeremiah Wright doesn’t define Barak Obama no matter how much respect Obama has for him.


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