Tuesday, June 03, 2008

People I Like

I met Gilberto when I was leaving the office late one night. He was carrying a chop saw back to his truck. He was just finishing some repair work for the property management company that I rent my office from. I asked him how much he would charge to do free lance work and he gave me a price that was less than half the rate of the company I had hired to do some remodeling in my own home. I invited him over to fix some of their work and he did a great job. Later I asked him to paint one of my rental properties. I was concerned about the schedule so I asked him how much time he could spending doing it. He said he could work 4 hours a night after work until it was done. My wife asked him if that would be too much work for him. His answer was “I like to work”. Strangely I have heard a lot of Mexicans say the same thing.

Right now I have another vacancy and Gilberto and Lighting Bolt Dan are there painting and doing miscellaneous repair work. I have no worries.

I like people who like to work.

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