Friday, July 23, 2004

Fighting the war against terror

Today I was at a mini-market gas station on Casino Rd and Evergreen Way in Everett (across from that Pakistani store set on fire by a Muslim hater). A Pakistani man was working there and another Muslim was asking him directions to the bus station some six miles away. He was standing there with his suitcase and he was supposed to catch the bus at 6:00. It was already 5:10 and I knew he didn't have any chance of getting there on time unless someone volunteered to give him a ride. So I did.

When I offered the ride I caught a look of surprise from the Pakistani working at the store. The stranger was happy to take me up on my offer. As we started driving he offered me a $20 bill. I declined it and said it would rob me of a blessing in heaven. He earnestly responded with "God bless you". I asked him if he was religious and he said in a very uncomfortable voice that he was a Muslim.

Some Christians entertain the idea that maybe they have met and helped angel without knowing it. But maybe in my case I helped a terrorist. Or maybe the Pakistani working in the store belongs to an Al Qaeda sleeper cell and his job is to blow up the Verizon building just around the corner. While highly unlikely, maybe, without knowing it, I thwarted a terrorist attack with kindness.