Thursday, November 19, 2009

Last Words

Last night as I was bicycling home from work I was hit by a truck. I was riding through a crosswalk and stopped a few feet away was a truck. I saw the truck start movement and then stop. Because of that I assumed the driver saw me so I proceeded to ride the rest of the way through the crosswalk. I was almost passed the truck when it lunged forward and struck me. It couldn’t have been going more than 5 mpg but it knocked me a few feet and to the ground and also knocked the wind out of me. I wonder why the driver didn’t see me. Was he preoccupied on the phone or sending off some text message or what?

It could have been a lot worse. He could have driven a few more feet before stopping or I could have hit my head. I could even have died. And what if I did die? What things do people think about when someone close to them dies. We often think of the last words or things we did with that person. I remember that last time I talked to my dad. It was on father’s day. Just a week before my granddaughter, Tianna, was born and I decided to save the news for a week. I was so happy to tell him his first great-grand child was born.

What would have been the last words spoken to me? I am happy to report that everyone was nice to me yesterday - some were extra nice. Just a few hours earlier Roxy and I went out for dinner. It was late we were both hungry. When the food arrived we ate in silence for a few minutes – it was really good. Roxy was the first to break the silence. She said that she was really happy she married me. I was a surprised that she said that out of the blue. I wonder what she was thinking beforehand. Whatever it was, the words she spoke are ones she’d be happy she said. (To Roxy) I love you sweetheart.

After dinner we went back to the office. About an hour before I headed home my sister Rachel called to inform me that she had dropped off some black bottom cup cakes for me and they were in my refrigerator. That was a nice thing to do. Thanks Rachel.