Wednesday, December 31, 2008

People I Like

I have mostly fond memories playing bombardment during high school PE classes. You could say it was my favorite sport. This is where the class divides up into two sides and throws balls at one another. In the classes I attended it was usually freshmen against sophomores or freshmen against the Advance PE Class which consisted of juniors and seniors. This usually meant that the freshman class would get slaughtered and often it got cruel. Upper classmen were frequently unnecessarily rough. Bombardment isn’t fun if you are a scrawny freshman and you take a fast ball in the face at close range.

Apparently our PE instructor lacked imagination because we played bombardment almost every day. This meant that every day some poor freshmen got pulverized by upper classmen. However one day the tables turned. One of the most athletic upper classmen decided to play on the freshman side and appeared that the crueler upper classmen were his favorite targets. Since the freshmen team was allowed to throw from a closer range, even though they rarely could, there were some complaints by the opposing team that it wasn’t fair. The PE instructor, however, did nothing. The freshmen never did win a game of bombardment, but at least they weren’t getting pulverized any more.

Someone asked the traitor why he switched sides. He said he didn’t like seeing the freshmen being picked on so he decided to defend them. He also said it was more fun to play against a more competitive team.

I like people who stick up for the underdog.

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