Friday, May 09, 2008

Please tax my gas

Wouldn't it be great if there was a national gas tax of perhaps $3 dollars or more per gallon? Right now you probably think I am insane or perhaps joking but I am dead serious. Just hear me out.

It's my understanding that the military cost for protecting oil resources around the world is over $5 per gallon of gas. Why should we be paying that cost with our income tax? Shouldn't we be paying that cost at the pump instead? That way people that don't use gas don't have to pay taxes to protect a resource used by others. Isn't that fair?

What would we do with the revenue? USE IT TO REDUCE INCOME TAX. But why not use it to develope alternative energy resources? Because we wouldn't have to.

What would this mean for oil companies? Well they would have less profit because it would be harder for them to raise the price of gas and it would also lower demand for gas. If the oil companies have less money in their pockets you have more money in yours.

What would this mean for oil producing contries like Saudia Arabia? They would have less money to buy weapons that could someday be used against us.

What would this mean for you and me? We would probably start making decisions that would reduce our over all energy consumption. We would by homes closer to work, or look for work closer to home. We would buy cars that get better gas milage. We might consider using public transportation and make a decision to live close to public transportation. City, State and County governments would start spending less money on road construction and more money developing public transportation. I could go on but the list could get quite extensive. What would you do if gas was $6 per gallon.

Hey, you know what. I think gas will be $6 per gallon in less than 10 years. Do you want that money going to oil company profits or going to reduce your income tax?

Both Hillary Clinton and John McCain want to give us a holiday from gas taxes this summer. What do you think about that?